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January 25, 2020

“Useful and handy email campaigning products. They made a great difference to my business profits. Many Thanks!”
Aspen Fissel

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Bulk newsletter mailing software that is ideal for email marketing and advertising

EMail Sender Express Pro $89.95

Mass Mailing Software  
With the use of Mail Sender Express Pro, you successfully carry out your targeted newsletter and email marketing campaigns with high speed. This powerful Windows mailing software helps you to send emails to a huge number of targeted customers in no time.

Not just that, you can simply manage your long mailing lists in various groups to simplify mailing. Mail Sender Express Pro email newsletter software is ideal for companies where it is required to send information or email notifications to their large number of customers with speed and accuracy.

The software is ideal for sending bulk email for email marketing and advertising
  • Send Numerous Mails in seconds
  • Manage long mailing lists in various groups
  • Receive email notification speedily and accurately.
  • Schedule mass email marketing campaigns
  • In-Built professional designer templates
  • Organize e-campaigns, Outlook & campaign reports
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New Features Added
Email Validation – One of the key features of EmailProGen software is verification of email addresses before sending mails. All you have to do is click on the Email Validation option in Tools menu to authenticate if the email IDs mentioned in the email addresses is valid. It will enable you to correct or remove wrong email IDs.
Spam Content Checker – The software provides a great tool to check if there is any spam content in your email. This check is in accordance with spam-detection techniques of SpamAssassin, which is a mail filter that identifies spam. If there is any spam violation, you can repair it before hand for an effective email campaign.
Scheduling Email Sending – This feature of the software helps in drafting mails and specifies the settings to schedule sending it later. You can also automate the process of email sending on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Adding Dynamic Data in Email List – The number of dynamic variables has been increased to 13. This means that now you can add more dynamic content in your email like First Name, Address, Phone, Fax Number, Company and more. This helps in saving time and personalizing the emails according to the recipients. Download Free Trial
Generates Logs / Error Messages – Now, you can track the undelivered mails and check past records to know which mail recipients has not received the mail due to some error. You can send mails to them again ensuring no one is missed out.
History of sent mails – This feature keeps the record of all mails sent and received by a user date-wise. In case there is any confusion, you can simply check the records to know if a mail has been sent already or not.
Save Mails for sending later – To save your time, you can save drafted mails and send them later.
Do Not Email List – The feature allows you to block those people to whom you do not want to send any mails. These could be the list of people who have unsubscribed from the mailing list or anyone else. Once you add an email address or email group in the Do Not Email list, mails won't be delivered to those individuals or group.
Free SMTP service – This exclusive feature is available only in the trial version. It allows you to benefit from the free SMTP service and send mails to 25 users. It has been added in the trial version to help you know that this software is an excellent NO spam Mail sender software. Download Free Trial
Key Features of Mass Emailing and Newsletter Software for Windows
This email newsletter marketing software facilitates email group management in an excellent way. You can define groups of targeted customers and can also add, copy-paste, delete, and modify recipients/subscribers in various mailing groups.
The Email Sender Express Pro software will enable you to import addresses from a .txt or .csv file and also from a directory. Further, selected addresses of a group can also be exported to .txt or .csv files on your system to store them.
Using this tool you can specify settings that give your recipients an 'auto-unsubscribe' option. Using this option they can opt out of your newsletter or marketing mailing lists whenever they wish to. It generates a list of subscribers who want to opt out and disables them from receiving future mailings. It is very easy to enable and disable subscribers. Download Free Trial
Using dynamic variables, you can automatically replace recipient's name during message composition and sending.
The tool allows you to enable or disable individual recipients within a group can be enabled or disabled for receiving specific mails.
This bulk newsletter mailing software is compatible with Outlook that allows you to import email addresses and messages from and export email addresses and messages to your Outlook Address Book. In addition to this, you can also send messages created in Outlook Email Editor. This feature makes targeted email and newsletter marketing simple and suitable.
This mail sending program sends out mails in MX mode and works like a mail server so you don't need to worry or depend on unreliable, blind relays. Also the product is extremely user friendly and can be installed in minutes.
You can access detailed status reports allowing you to know if bulk emails for marketing have been sent or not. If by any chance the software fails to send mails to certain recipients the reason for it is given.
The speed at which this bulk email sending software sends email newsletters is very fast. You can send up to unbelievable 50,000 email newsletters per hour. All this is made possible by the application's multi-threaded delivery feature.
You can send email attachments in any format and can also send multi-attachments. The software supports both text and html formats. Download Free Trial
The software comes with professional looking email templates that can make your email campaigns successful. There are eight designer templates that allow you to make your newsletters and mail look impressive to the end-user. Further, you can build a brand by inserting your company logo and other images into these outstanding email templates.

Screenshots of Email Sender Templates For Newsletters and Email Marketing

  Mass Mailing Software Screenshot Screenshot for Email Sender Express Pro  
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